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ANIM Generator Utility

Click the checkboxes below to enable the effects for your skin! You can also insert an existing ANIM code by pressing the button below.

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Lost or unsure of what ANIM is? Click here to learn more about ANIM!

Special thanks to ItsMwamOffi for reaching out for help with skins in the first place. This wouldn't exist without you. (:
Special thanks to Miku-666 (NessieHax) and Rone and Bomby research help.
Special thanks to Meshkiukas_, Quack, and LevelStorm for some input for improving the site.

Generated ANIM:

Arms are not animated
Zombie arms
Legs are not animated
Bad Santa Effect
Unknown Effect
Legs swing in parallel
Arms swing in parallel
Statue of Liberty Effect
Don't Render All Armor
Head Bobbing disabled
Don't Render Head
Don't Render Right Arm
Don't Render Left Arm
Don't Render Body
Don't Render Right Leg
Don't Render Left Leg
Don't Render Head Overlay
Has Backwards Crouch
Has 64x64 Skin Resolution
Has Alex/Slim Arm Model
Don't Render Left Arm Overlay
Don't Render Right Arm Overlay
Don't Render Left Leg Overlay
Don't Render Right Leg Overlay
Don't Render Body Overlay
Render Head Armor
Render Right Arm Armor
Render Left Arm Armor
Render Body Armor
Render Right Leg Armor
Render Left Leg Armor
Dinnerbone Effect